Sunday, 26 December 2010

Game off: fans unhappy

Philippa Nicholson has reported that today's game with Southampton is off following a pitch inspection.

Referee Andy D'Urso, a banker from Billericay, declared that areas of the pitch were unplayable. All the efforts made to clear the stands and approaches were unfortunately to no avail.

According to a report from Philippa Nicholson, 'Apparently there was an inspection this morning and D'Urso agreed to a delayed 13.15 kick off so that extra work could be done on the pitch. The third of the field at the Jimmy Seed end is the problem, but both managers and both sets of players then went on to inspect and were happy to play yet D'Urso called it off after his noon inspection.'

It is also being subsequently reported that the assistant referees thought the lines were dangerous. Paddy Powell is furious about the decision and took some photos of the pitch at what would have been kick off time. Southampton asked if they could train on the pitch, but they were given a negative answer.

Fans who set out for the game are not happy and the postponement will not help the club's cash flow. D'Urso at one time refereed matches at the top level.

According to some reports, the next match could see Dennis Wise installed as director of football, although others claim that he will be CEO.


Anonymous said...

"Referee Andy D'Urso, a banker from Billericay, declared that areas of the pitch were unplayable"

..after which he collected his bonus for excellent work?

Anonymous said...

Rhyming slang?

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