Monday, 27 December 2010

Blaze lose in penalty shoot out

Penalty shoot outs seem to be a bit of a problem for teams I support at the moment with Coventry Blaze losing one 1-2 at home to Cardiff Devils last night. The game was 2-2 at full time and no sudden death goal was scored in overtime. Devils get two points from the game and Blaze one.

I don't think the result was unfair. Devils were faster to the puck and more threatening all evening. Blaze's hopes of retaining the title are all but gone. With injuries and suspensions they were playing a makeshift team last night. The office manager, a somewhat rotund middle aged gentleman, featured on the ice as well as a number of two-way players.

Both in this match and that against the Stingrays last Sunday there were no fights. Since the bench clearance everyone seems to be on their best behaviour.

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