Saturday, 4 December 2010

Glaziers may leave Sainsbury's

The new owners at Crystal Palace have more money between them than the Orange One and probably more sense about how to best spend it. They are contemplating leaving Sainsbury's for a new stadium.

They want to find a new site close to Selhurst Park in order to build a covered stadium that 'would create a better experience for fans'. It would be difficult to have a worse one. Whether the fare on the pitch would improve is another question. Average attendances dropped from 19,457 in 2005/6 to 14,470 in 2009/10.

Front man Steve Parish was offered an interesting choice at age seven: did he want to be a Spanner or a Glazier? (Presumably this was at a time when we were in exile). He chose the team of the eighties because he preferred the colour of their strip.

To be fair, Parish seems to be very sensible and to have a clear vision for developing Croydon's finest. More here: Palace

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