Thursday, 2 December 2010

Charlton taken over

Charlton is to be acquired by a consortium led by Peter Varney with the deal being sealed, it is hoped, on 24th December as a special Christmas present for the Addickted. Due diligence is in progress.

That's all I know or all any news organisation appears to know. Normally reliable sources are, quite properly, staying quiet.

Possibly think 'property developer'.

This statement by Peter Varney does not add much to what we know already: Varney

Some have read into the statement an ongoing role for Richard Murray, but if that was the case it would, I think, be an honorary one. I am grateful for all that he has done for the club, even though mistakes have been made, but there comes a time to turn over a fresh page.


Jon said...

Murray's Baton 2010 is the company on which dd is being performed, not the investor.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if John Hayes from Axis Europe is involved ?
Big CAFC fan and a mate of Peter Varney's