Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thursday football

Thursday evening is the night on which football is most unlikely to be played. Nevertheless, our replay against Luton Town has been scheduled for this Thursday and the reason is television. It is being screened on Fox in the United States, although quite what their tea party enthused viewers will make of it is another matter. Given the state of Kenilworth Road, they may see it as an awful warning of what happens under 'socialism'.

More importantly for the Addickted it will be shown on the Walt Disney channel, ESPN. Apparently if you have a Sky subscription you can get a two month free trial of this channel.

We don't have Sky. The local council (quite rightly) bans satellite dishes in conservation areas. There is a cable, but it is not clear who owns it as the company that laid it has long since disappeared. The Villa fan down the road has found his own solution by erecting what looks like a repeater station for RTL in his back garden, but I would rather grow plants than satellite dishes.

As I have BT broadband, I did talk to BT Vision. But they only have Sky 1 and Sky 2 on offer, not Sky Sports News which I used to enjoy when it was on Freeview. Nor do they have Sky 3 or Sky 4 which often carry British ice hockey games.

Actually, I haven't seen the Sky cameras as the Skydome this season. A shame they missed last Saturday's bench clearance which is now a big media hit in Canada where the NHL has stamped down (probably literally) on mass brawls. Blaze have had so much additional commercial interest that it may pay the fine the league are likely to levy on them (although Panthers may get a bigger one as their guys swarmed off the bench first).

I have heard rumours that it may be possible to stream the Luton game to your computer, but this may not be legal and could run the risk of importing viruses. Looks like it may be just Emma and me.

After Crawley Town beat Swindon at the County Ground in last night's replay, Luton probably think they just have to turn up to win a trip to White Hart Lane. Possibly, but Charlton are a bigger danger on the road than at home. This one could go to penalties.


Thom said...

If I dont brave the trip down to Luton, I'll be watching it in the Victory pub in Coventry(part of village hotels) where I sporadically go to the gym, Im assured by the landlord (if pubs within hotels have such things) that he'll put the game on.

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot believe the appointment of Pardew as the new Newcastle manager, apparently he has unfinished business in the premier league! Have you any inside info on this Wyn? I really feel for Hughton and all Newcastle fans.
I'm off to get a bet on Newcastle getting relegated...

Wyn Grant said...

I ran something on Pardew and Newcastle earlier in the week warning against it after they had suffered the curse of Dowie and I had thought they had decided to look elsewhere.

Luv Robin said...

Not being able to watch speedway on Sky would influence my choice of home. OHL hockey is available via the internet, and there is an archive facility so you can watch any game at any time. Glad your central heating is fixed. As for Pardew, he has risen without trace to an extent not seen since Glenn Hoddle, so maybe he will succeed Capello? On the bright side, at least Pardew has worn the Hamlet's pink shirt.