Friday, 17 December 2010

Match is off

Following a pitch inspection at Hartlepool's Victoria Road ground at 1 p.m. tomorrow's game is off. Although the pitch had been covered, parts remained frozen and adverse weather conditions persist on the east coast.

The departure of the team coach, scheduled for 12 noon, was put back to await a decision from Hartlepool.

At the New Windmill Ground the pitch has been covered with fleece in order to try and protect tomorrow's game with Bedford Town. Brakes have had a long break from action with fixtures piling up. Last Saturday they played a friendly on Warwick University's astro turf to try and keep in shape.

The fleece is due to be removed by volunteers at 11 a.m. tomorrow but there have been snow showers in the Leamington area this morning.

Brakes supremo Jim Scott has estimated that transferring a game to midweek costs the club £1,000 in gate money and bar takings.

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