Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sir Lennie back in harness

I think that most of the Addickted would agree that Sir Lennie Lawrence was one of the all-time great Charlton managers. Without him the club might not have survived at all in very difficult times.

His four-year stint as director of football at Bristol Rovers saw the Gasheads promoted to League 1. Since then he has had a cameo at Carshalton Athletic.

Now the 63-year old has been given a tough assignment as director of football at Hereford United who are bottom of League Two. The Bulls are currently being managed by 34-year old former midfielder Jamie Pitman. The rookie manager asked the board for someone experienced to come in and help him and described Sir Lennie 'as perfect for the role'.

Lennie admits that it's a tough challenge. I can't imagine he's getting paid a lot (perhaps he gets cuts of meat) but it's great to see him back in league football.


Anonymous said...

Hi have heard some a friend who knows someone at the club that the takeover is from investors originating from Abu Dhabi with possibally Dennis Wise as manager? Dont know if these are truthfull or not -but thought I would pass the information on. COYA.

Wyn Grant said...

I have had persistent reports that Wise is involved, one from a well-informed journalist, but not as manager. I think there is less credence to the Abu Dhabi story that has been circulating.