Sunday, 19 December 2010

There's only one Marcus Bent

Fortunately might say some Charlton fans. But the 32-year old has now been to 14 clubs in 15 years and the 'journeyman' (a label he does not like) shares his thoughts on his career in the latest issue of Four Four Two. He has no clear explanation of why he has been to so many clubs, although is not happy when the interviewer suggests that his nickname should be 'Deadline Day'.

Here's a suggestion: he's not very good and when clubs wake up to the fact, they try to offload him.

He's not too happy about being eclipsed by Darren Bent who was with him at Ipswich (along with Matty Holland, the Herminator and, ahem, Darren Ambrose). At the end of the season, someone asked Darren for his autograph and the penny dropped for Marcus: 'It was the first time I realised there was another Bent in football and I was going to get called Darren for the rest of my career. I had worked hard for my status and now I'm a Darren!'

Of his spell at Charlton, Bent comments: 'I had plenty of opportunity to do a lot of crazy things when I was injured at Charlton. London can be a bit wild and I got mixed up with some well-known girls.'

Marcus has owned a house in London for eight years and has never lived in it. In any case, he thinks people are friendlier oop north. Long may he stay there.


Anonymous said...

And so say all of us. Happy Christmas mate
John Walker

Anonymous said...

I had always assumed that Sven and Capello confused Marcus and Darren. Hence they left Darren out because Marcus was rubbish...