Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The effects of the weather

I thought I would avoid a headline like 'Phil's Snow Hell'. The trains were so disrupted yesterday that I wasn't able to get to London for a meeting but we dealt with the business by conference call and a few E-mails, saving everyone time and hassle.

There are real doubts about the Boxing Day clash against Southampton. Parts of the Valley pitch are frozen, there is ice in the stands, but even more important some of the approaches to The Valley are treacherous, not least for anyone coming downhill. Although a thaw is forecast for Boxing Day, it may come too late.

Given the absence of any public transport on Boxing Day (something that doesn't happen elsewhere in Europe), it wouldn't be a match I could get to anyway. But it will also be difficult if it is moved to a weeknight.

A Google Ad on this page has been advertising 'four star hotels in Charlton' and I wasn't aware that there were any (occasionally I use the Holiday Inn Express in North Greenwich). When you click on the ad, you get a selection of hotels in Bristol.

The other event that must be in some doubt because of the weather is the announcement of the completion of the takeover on Christmas Eve. The Addickted may not be getting a Dennis Wise doll in their Christmas stockings, but may have to wait until New Year's Day.

No Charlton content, but if you have a condensing gas central heating boiler and have encountered problems you may be interested in my experiences: Breakdowns

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