Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Having a pop at Charlton

It's all warming up (well, not literally) ahead of the paint drying cup at Brentford. Their relatively new chief executive has decided to give a world exclusive to a Hounslow paper, arguing that Brentford spend wisely (i.e., parsimoniously) while clubs like Charlton have been splashing the cash to no good effect: Bees

I haven't been aware that we had been splashing the cash, but perhaps I have missed something. The amount we spent on Benson is hardly mega bucks. And the return is not that bad given that we are currently 2nd in the table.

Curiously The Football League Paper also had a pop at us on Sunday. It's quite a good paper like its NLP sister, although I suspect it's written by freelances who get paid 5p a word.

However, they claimed that prior to the takeover offer, it was doubtful if we would survive the season. This strikes me as OTT. We could have gone into administration, but then an administrator would run the club as a going concern and there would have been bidders for a fire sale.

Obviously it's not the route one would want to follow and it won't be unless there are some nasty surprises in the books. We do owe £7m but that money does not have to be paid off until we return to the Premiership which at a minimum is two seasons away if we repeat Jimmy Seed's effort which so thrilled my father. My guess would be that if we do manage to get back it won't be for five years or so. I would be happy to be in the Championship for a few years while we re-build.


Anonymous said...

Well we certainly splashed the cash when he was at Charlton. "General Manager: Football" I think his title was.

Anonymous said...

look we have still one of the higher wage bills in league one,teams like brentford are still well below are means,so thats why its a surprise to smaller clubs why we are playing such poor football and not odds on to actually go up. The facts are that we are a biggish club but some fans and management have us thinking we doing alright.

Wyn Grant said...

I had forgotten about the Charlton link.

Most of the clubs in this division play poor football.