Wednesday, 29 December 2010

All square at the Withdean

Christian Dailly returns as captain in Charlton's line up for tonight after his period of suspension. It's Benson and Anyinsah up front, Scott Wagstaff is on the right and Francis returns as right back. Kish is on the bench for the Seagulls.

Summariser Viktor Afans'ev comments: 'A sound defence is always important, but I will be interested to see how the vanguard performs. I was coming tonight to watch a football match but it seems I am at an athletics meeting and I should have brought a fine pair of Russian binoculars. This is not a correct way to stage a match and in Russia someone would be in prison by now.'

Racon scored an early goal into the roof of the Brighton net, but the referee spotted a foul on Anyinsah and awarded a penalty. Jackson scored. The original moved involved good work by Semedo. Within three minutes Anyinsah had to be replaced by Lee Martin.

Elliot flapped a bit as the ball came in, but the referee awarded a free kick. Calderon used the high boot on Racon and was shown the red card by referee Darren Deadman. The Brighton player was furious as was Gus Poyet.

A free kick was awarded on the edge of the box against Doherty. Charlton cleared their lines.

Elliot had to tip over a header from Chris Wood, the New Zealand international on loan from the Baggies, delivered from six yards out. It was getting foggier. Benson held the ball up well, but the attack fizzled out with the ball on the roof of the net.

Martin put in a decent long-range effort which was not far wide. Wagstaff was looking useful exploiting space on the right. Racon was fouled again giving Charlton a free kick in a promising position, leading to an Addicks corner. In the subsequent play, Jackson put the ball into the centre of the penalty area, but Wagstaff put it wide and buried his head in his hands.

Doherty conceded a corner. It came off Benson, producing a second corner. Elliot was able to claim the ball. It was worse than the challenge which led to the sending off. Benson’s header from the free kick went not far wide.

A Charlton corner was taken quickly and short. It was getting murkier. A good save by the keeper led to a corner for the Addicks. Brighton cleared their lines. Three minutes were added on. Charlton were providing some good pressure. Doherty headed away a Brighton free kick.

Our match summariser comments: 'I am not in favour of adventurism, but I think that in the middle part of the match, Charlton were playing too deep and should have put more pressure on Brighton.'

Half time: Seagulls 1, Addicks 1

Murray won another free kick. Brighton had a chance but Elliot was alert and smothered the ball. The fog was thicker.

Wood advanced but was forced out wide by Semedo. Neither side really threatened in the opening phase of the second half. Elliot saved comfortably from Wood after a good series of moves by the Seagulls.

Martin was fouled by Greer. The free kick was 23 yards out. Jackson put in a good shot but it was well saved by the Danish keeper at the expense of a corner which was cleared. Semedo was taken off and replaced by Reid.

Brighton were awarded a free kick. Elliot turned the ball out of play from Murray for a corner which was taken short. Elliot was fouled by Murray.

Fry put in a tackle from behind on Murray and received a yellow card. Fry made an excellent clearance from the free kick, Reid broke and was tugged back. Bennett received a yellow card.

Painter dived from a challenge by Wagstaff who defended well. Wagstaff was hauled back by Painter who received a yellow card. El-Abd got a free header from the free kick, but did not make good use of it. Benson was getting out muscled. Abbott came on but in place of Wagstaff.

Reid won a free kick. The fog was clearing, improving the view for the Addickted. Wood threatened, but Doherty scraped it back to Elliot. Murray advanced and Dailly put the ball behind for a corner. Elliot palmed the ball clear. Racon broke well.

Ashley Barnes replaced Wood. Kishishev came on. Benson had a chance but put it wide. Benson had a free header but Bridcutt cleared off the line. Reid created a corner, but it was unproductive. Charlton finished strongly but then Brighton broke. Kish drew a good save from Elliot. Francis put in a drive which was just wide.

We would have taken 1-1 beforehand, but in the circumstances it was disappointing. However, it puts Charlton in 3rd place.

Viktor Afans'ev comments: 'I was not impressed by P Benson, but what do you expect for less than half a million dollars? G Doherty was impressive, although tiring by the end and receives the silver rouble.'


Jack said...

Wyn, have been trying to log on to CAFC site for the clubs reaction, but can't, has anyone else been having trouble getting on to new site?

Thanks for another years excellent blog. Much appreciated,


Wyn Grant said...

I was able to get on just now and I have not had any problems accessing the site (unattractively designed though it is). Remember the old address doesn't work.

Otherwarwickaddick said...

Thanks for another year's blogging Wyn and all the best for a fruitful 2011.

If like me, you are not able easily to go to the midweek matches, our next visit to the Valley after next Monday's awkwardly timed match with Swindon is Feb 12th!

Anonymous said...

thank you Wyn for your always interesting blog. Happy new year from Swedeaddick