Saturday, 23 August 2014

10 per cent chance of promotion

Charlton have a 10.3 per cent of being in an automatic promotion place or a play off slot this season, according to the rather modest estimate of the Fink Tank in The Times this morning, drawing on work done by others based on goals and shots on goal (defence is arguably important as well). They are just behind Fulham on 11.3 per cent in an overall mid-table position. Millwall are on 3 per cent and today's opponents, Huddersfield, are on 5.5 per cent.

The top six are Norwich (49 per cent); Wolves (28.5 per cent); Middlesbrough (24 per cent); Blackburn (22.3 per cent); Derby (21.5 per cent); Brighton (17.9 per cent).

I would be more optimistic than these figures suggest. In any event if we can maintain our present standard of play we are much more likely to be promoted than relegated.


Anonymous said...

'shots on goal!' - surely these people could put their skills to better use.

Anonymous said...

Having seen Nottm Forest at Bournemouth midweek (came back from 0-1 to win 2-1) can't believe they aren't in the top 6! You can't base promotion chances on mere statistical evidence - that doesn't take into account player injuries, weather and the 101 other variables that make football the great game that it is.