Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Valley Parade club to be relegated

In our the season in which we won League 1 as champions, Four Four Two forecast that we would finish just above the relegation zone. At least they had the good grace to buy a framed copy of their error off the club signed by Chris Powell and the team.

Now in this year's forecast, it seems that we are playing our home games at Valley Parade in Bradford. No wonder we are going to finish 23rd.

Their argument runs as follows. Last season our attack was woeful and our defence not much better. I would give a bit more credit to our defence, and this year's attack remains unproven. We have lost Diego Poyet. That is a blow, but it doesn't mean relegation. There is then a standard attack on Roland as a 'meddler'. It's a bit old hat, as I sense that his stock is going up among many fans, although some will never forgive him for selling Yann Kermorgant.

Bob Peeters is then described as a 'yes' man who was a failure in Belgium. I would have preferred José Riga to stay, but Peeters needs to be given a chance.

It is argued that the squad is too small, but arguably last year it was too large with too many passengers. Admittedly, we don't have so many older players, but then part of the strategy is to bring forward Academy players.

Fan Kyle Andrews talks more sense. [Who he, ed? Apparently, he runs a Charlton blog I am not familiar with.] He points out that Joe Gomez shows great promise and sensibly points out that the season will be different to last one with new players and a proper playing surface. He argues that Lawrie Wilson is underrated and the journos duly pick him out as key player.

Most of this is a load of M****. Millwall are forecast to come 19th.


Anonymous said...

Who could have predicted Poyet's performances? We have to wait and see. IMO Peteer's has a key role. Look what Riga achieved.

Anonymous said...

If I remember rightly, last season they had us finishing fourth! So given how wide of the mark their predictions tend to be, we should all be pretty happy they think we're heading for relegation..

Not too happy about the long trip up to Bradford every other Saturday, however.

Andy said...

Given recent signings and Andy Delort looking to be heading this way I think 20-1 on Charlton getting promoted is looking like a good bet.

Anonymous said...

Lump on for top 6

jonathan acworth said...

Speaking to fellow charlton fans last weekend they said gomez isnt ready yet for the championship they told me i quote "gomez will be up against it if put him in to early hes not quite ready maybe a year or so yes but not now"well from what i saw of him in the friendly a few weeks back he looked quite decent and i think he be brought in slowly my guess comming from the bench then starting after christmas and in the mickey mouse cup vs colchester.
On the papers usual season review how can they put a team like bradford at 23rd place?they obviously dont look at the signings i always say judge a team by november and then at the end of feb before making sugestions they go down before a ball is kicked.Charlton have been given very poor write ups in all the papers saying like bradford we will finish 23 with blackpool finishing bottom ,these journals havent done their research properly i really fancy us and millwall to do very well this season.It shows that teams who struggle the previous year normally come back hungrier and more determined to do well the new season,so why not put a cheeky £5 on charlton and millwall for promoation?Holloway knows the division inside out he normally takes two seasons get a team promoated hes done it with blackpool and crystal palace cough!He has done his homework over the summer and brought in some top players in Gwyne sorry re his speelling and gregory a conference leading striker for around 250k he looks hungry from what im told and if they supply him with the crosses then i see why he cant get at least 15 odd goals he is extremly quick.Webster is another top buy from yeovil i wished that we had moved for him but he chose them down the road webster is an outstanding center back who will do very well for i predict a finish of

6.sheff weds

with millwall going up via wembley will see

Wyn Grant said...

As always, Acworth provides a fresh perspective, both Charlton and Millwall to go up. Does he think that Welling will be promoted from the Conference?

jonathan acworth said...

why not with welling as well^^^^day has spent wisely and hes brought some good players in all very exciting times for south london footy get behind the team think positive its called will power then we might have a chance

jonathan acworth said...

at 40-1 worth a gamble on

Anonymous said...

Probably a little late to post a comment that will be read (I don't read Charlton news every day). But I think you will find that Kyle Andrews is "CharltonKyle" who runs the blog "Chris Powell's Flat Cap". It is a very well written blog and the match reports provided are second to none - sorry canine match analysts, you have a rival!! Log on to "Forever Charlton". Kyle's posts are generally listed there.

Behind Enemy Lines

Wyn Grant said...

It is a very well written blog, especially the match reports. I just didn't link up the name and the blog. Indeed, I did think of dropping match reports altogether, but the Association of Canine Match Analysts objected, particularly new trainee Mustang who will be covering the first game of the season.