Friday 1 August 2014

Jenkinson joins his friends

Former Addick Carl Jenkinson has joined West Ham on a year's loan from Arsenal. He says that he has 'a lot of friends' at the Boleyn Ground and it is the place where 'he always wanted to go'. Possibly one new friend he will make is Diego Poyet and they can swap stories about their escape from The Valley. Read more here: Jenkinson

My season ticket has arrived, something that always heralds the start of a new season. Equine magnate John Window got his last week and I was in some trepidation about mine coming at all after the local Post Office managed to lose a parcel addressed to me. However, the mystery was solved when it transpired they had been looking at the sender's address in Andover rather than mine.

Apparently Michael Morrison and Lawrie Wilson, two popular players, have been delivering season tickets to some fans personally this afternoon, a nice idea.

Many fans will, of course, be using the Rickshaw service this season which will be augmented by new First World War surplus vehicles from Belgium - picture below.

New standards of rider comfort

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