Tuesday 12 August 2014

Celso Borges: he say no

Celso Borges has made it clear through his agent says that 'he does not want to play in the Championship and will not coming to Charlton'. This always looked like an unlikely deal to me. (As someone has queried the grammar of the headline, I should point out that it's a play on the old Del Monte adverts which were sometimes located in Central America: Del Monte

The Andy Delort deal has run into the sands given what Tours want and what the network is prepared to pay. Delort wants to come to Charlton is very upset with the president of his club who he thinks is asking for too much money: Delort lets rip .

Andy Delort has told L‘Equipe that the Tours President “is only thinking of himself” after the striker’s move to Charlton fell through because the Championship side failed to agree a fee with Tours, who want €4m plus hefty bonuses. [Far too much] At the moment, no agreement has been made, and Tours have no intention of lowering their demands. Whether or not Charlton have given up yet remains to be seen.

The Yannis Salibur deal still looks possible, but Brentford are chasing him as well.


Anonymous said...

Plying your trade in the Swedish league over the Championshis seems strange to me. I live in Scandinavia and its akin to Sunday park football.

Wyn Grant said...

Yes, but Evian, where he is supposed to be going, are in France's Ligue 1 where he can play against the likes of Paris Saint Germain. Admittedly, there have been some problems with that deal, as there so often are, but it may well be completed soon.