Tuesday 5 August 2014

The deal is not done

Charlton Athletic and Tours are yet to agree on a deal on Andy Delort. Because he is unproven in the UK, Charlton want a substantial add on element, but Tours are not keen on this.

French sources are reporting that Charlton Athletic and Tours will resume negotiations tomorrow. The Ligue 2 side want €5m upwards (apx. £3.96m) [too much in my view], but Charlton are currently struggling to offer more than €3m plus bonuses.

For his part Delort is keen to join the Addicks.

Ironically, having been criticised for failing to invest, Roland is now being criticised by some fans for contemplating spending too much.


Blucher said...

Very interesting, Wyn. Tours acknowledge that they need to sell and unless someone else comes in with a better offer at this late stage, I imagine that they'll have to accept Roland's package or something very close to it. It's not as if the player hasn't (to adopt estate agents' vernacular) been fully exposed to the market.

Good news also that Reza's proposed move is apparently close to being finalised. The timing is perfect for all parties.

oligab said...

whether we get this guy or not, this shows more than any meeting between supporters and the owner that RD`s true intentions as many of us have thought from day one are both ambitious and honourable.

Brian G said...

He seems to want to come to us, so let's hope that RD and his advisers can structure an acceptable deal. In any event, we haven't been talking about these sort of sums of money for players since 2006, so that's very heartening.