Monday, 18 August 2014

Powell favourite for Huddersfield

Reports this morning have suggested that Chris Powell is now favourite for the vacancy at Huddersfield Town. He had already been linked with the job locally: Powell

Unlike Curbs, Powell has not confined his job search to within the M25. Powell already has a flat cap.


Anonymous said...

A great way for deason ticket sales to drop even further next season if he does take charge!

Brian G said...

Good luck to him. His style of play would probably suit Huddersfield at the moment and he deserves another chance soon. However, I'm very happy with our current style of play and, if we continue to play this way and be successful, then of course our crowds and our following will grow.

Andrew D said...

Hoyle should look to MK dons Karl Robinson. Learnt his trade at Liverpool, an excellent man manager he is ambitious and focused, achieving despite having no funds and having to sell what quality players he had.
Whatever the decision Hoyle needs to make his mind up without further delay

Anonymous said...

Chris Powell did a great job for CAFC. He had little money to spend but he spent what he had wisely and he didn't have an international recruitment team at his disposal. It should never be forgotten that he stopped the rot and brought CAFC success whilst still being a very inexperienced manager.
I agree that what we are seeing now is better, but that is because of the advantages the new set up brings, remember this when complaining about the disadvantages. Good luck to C.P. a CAFC legend.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Chris Powell , he will do an honest and professional job for Huddersfield