Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Derby County were one of my promotion picks for this season and their start has been a little bit more hesitant than I expected, albeit the same in terms of points as us. After Saturday's 0-0 draw with the Massives at Hillsborough, manager Steve McClaren demanded greater quality in front of goal. Derby are pleased to be going to The Valley early in the season before the pitch deteriorates (what was all that work over the summer for?): Derby County

Some chances were missed, but the Rams will be hard to break down, having had three clean sheets so far this season. Keeper Lee Grant did very well for Derby on Saturday, dealing confidently with anything that came his way. Another good player for Derby on Saturday was Craig Bryson who was 'full of running.' Bryson was selected as the key player at the Rams by Four Four Two. They said: 'The energetic pocket Scot was the Rams' unsung hero last season. A hard-working midfielder who can change a match with a burst of pace and a fine finish'.

It will be a tough test for Nick Pope tonight with Henderson unlikely to be fit, but I feel confident about the youngster. He is certainly ready: Terminator Pope. In front of him he will have the huge frame of Bikey who bullied Riera out of the game on Saturday with Tel Ben Haim also giving the Wigan forwards some nightmares. Having watched the highlights of the game, I fail to see why the young Bloke Behind Me was dismissing Buyens as useless. Perhaps he didn't get many chances to go box to box, but he contributed a great deal.

The jury is still out on George Tucudean. On Saturday he failed to use one good lay off and lost possession a number of times, but improved as the game went on. According to the Football League Paper Jordan Cousins 'looked very comfortable on the left' so perhaps I was wrong in preferring him to be played in central midfield.

I would not expect Big Bob Peeters to tinker with the team too much. Hopefully, Solly will be up to another match so soon after the last one. Wilson can take his place, but he is often at his best in combination with Solly.

I am going for a draw and our local Ram thinks that I may well be right. He commented, 'We don't really seem to have settled yet.' Let's hope they remain unsettled tonight. Two of the last three encounters at The Valley have been draws, but we lost 0-2 last year. Indeed, the Rams beat us soundly in both matches last year, so if we can give them a game and take something from it, that will be progress.

Odds are Charlton 9/4; draw 9/4; Derby 6/5. Referee Michael Bull is from Essex, but is not known to be a friend of Andy d'Urso.

I am looking forward to tonight and hopefully will not make the same mistake as the Millwall fans who ended up on the wrong side of the river when they went in a boat to Fulham. Saturday's match analyst Mustang will not be able to get away from his day job at Kingdom Signs and was also somewhat affronted at being driven in a Toyota rather than his customary BMW convertible. Senior match analyst Ivy will be returning to support her fellow Belgians.


Brian G said...

It says something about the optimism that our performances so far this season have created that I'm certain that we can get something out of this one. Having watched the recent matches between us, that's not something that I would have said before the start of the season. I also don't see any changes other than enforced ones, although I agree that Wilson might start. 1-0 to us, I reckon.

Anonymous said...

An early bench mark indicator - Big Brave Bob up against a good manager and team. Buyerns = quality
miles better than Poyet

Len Parker said...

I thought Buyerns was excellent. If he continues to play like that then we won't miss Poyet (who I think was overrated, all be it a good player for the future he struggled under pressure). Moussa missed a couple of good chances before scoring a deflected goal. His sheer determination will be an asset. Optimistically I think Tucudean is a good player and is suffering a lack of confidence. I also expect Harriott (not played Saturday) will improve if given the right support. What a lot of fans don't seem to understand is that even if a player is having an off day you still support him!! You still support the team. Games will have periods where we we are under pressure, maybe even a goal or two behind (caused by mistakes) but support is vital. A couple of people who seat around me, you can hear them moaning but they rarely offer any vocal support during the game! The coach has picked a team he thinks will best do the job. He has not picked players who don't make mistakes or can be guaranteed not to have an off day. Such players don't exist. Wiggins is suffering an indifferent run of form at the moment, but all the while the coach is picking him I will support him. We might not be rampant but there is something exciting about the team that is developing. Looking forward to the game tonight like I havn't done for a couple of seasons.


len parker you are right mate.cant wait for the match tonight.i am going with my son being a season ticket holder.buyes is a class above the championship. simple as that. addicks like us have to get behide the team no matter what.support the team and sing your heart out.really there is such a good feeling this season.lets hope we dont get to many injures this season and any things possible.valley floyd road

Brian G said...

Gomez in for Solly tonight.