Tuesday 5 August 2014

Kate is an asset

I have been watching the video on the official website of the Q & A on the 'family funday' with chief executive Katrien Meire and Richard Murray. I have taken quite a lot of notes and will mull over the substantive content and give my thoughts later. (This is going to be a bit delayed because after Baroness Warsi resigning yesterday and Boris's announcement today, I have had non-football media work to do.)

When Katrien (or 'Kate' as some supporters call her) was appointed, it was clear that she had a very impressive cv. You don't get to be a stagiaire unless you have a range of qualities. It is a bit daunting when you someone who is relatively young has achieved more in life than you have.

From the video she comes across as personable and articulate. Her body language showed that is she was much more relaxed than in earlier video calls which suggests that she has settled into the job more and she is clearly confident about her ability to do it well. She has quite a strong French accent, but that can be charming, even if sometimes leads her to say something that has an alternative meaning in English. She also gesticulates with her hands very effectively in a way that some English people would not.

Given the relative lack of women in senior positions in football, the club should be getting her on national media. She would help to raise our profile.

I find her to be a refreshing contrast with the style of the soon-to-be Baroness Brassy at West Ham. She has had a very successful career as well, but I don't like the idea of her as a candidate for Mayor of London.


WattO said...

If only you were thirty years younger, eh Wyn... ;-)

AC said...

Becoming a Stagiere is more about rich parents being able to subsidise your internship than any great intellect or ability.

Wyn Grant said...

The right connections help, but I know people who are not particularly wealthy who have done it.

AC said...

Wyn,There were some v bright people in the Commission but there were an awful lot of what I would call 'Euro Elite'. People in their mid to late 20s who had never done a proper day's work in their lives. But they had parents behind them willing to pay for their degree then masters, then internships. That's not to say that Katrien isn't phenomenally clever. I just wouldn't over egg the fact she did a Stagiere!

Wyn Grant said...

Fair enough, I have qualified what I say in an article on this subject in the next issue of a well-known organ. I do know a Palace fan who did a stage, so if a Nigel can get in, it can't be that exclusive! I do note, however, that Katrien did not go to the College of Europe in Bruges which is the finishing school for Eurobrats.