Sunday 10 August 2014

Yannis Salibur bid?

In the past couple of weeks Yannis Salibur, a left-winger who plays for Clermont Foot in Ligue 2, has been linked by French and Belgian sites with the mother ship. However, other clubs are also said to be interested. A fee of €1.2m has been mentioned.

However, sources close to the beverage department are claiming that the network may sign him and allocate him to Charlton, although there is no independent confirmation. Career details here: Salibur

Mon Dieu! The latest development is that he has apparently turned down the mother ship and wants to come to The Valley: Surprise development

As far as the standard of Ligue 2 is concerned, I do not think it as good as the Championship, but it is better than the English non-league. My concern would be whether the pace and physicality measures up to the Championship.

Rumours are now circulating that a deal has been agreed for £850k, but I have no independent confirmation.


Brian G said...

His record to date makes you wonder why anyone would want to pay over 1m euros for him but then I've never seen him play or even heard of him before.

Wyn Grant said...

Presumably he has been scouted, but some have expressed doubts about how good the network's scouting is. I doubt whether our own Phil Chapple has seen him play, even though he would have to say 'Oui' under the double lock system. But it might be difficult for him to say 'Non!'

Anonymous said...

is there any new on delort ????? just wondered if you have heard anything

Wyn Grant said...

Re Delort, I am not convinced by rumours that Brentford have made a bigger offer. Tours need to sell the player because they owe €5m and are barred from making new signings, also they do not want an unhappy player on their books. Beverage sources say that we have offered €2m plus add ons, Tours want €3m. I suppose a compromise figure could be found.

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks for the info, I just hope we sign him I think we need that extra firepower upfront