Sunday 17 August 2014

Rennes back in for Delort

With Charlton failing to make progress in their efforts to sign Andy Delort, Rennes are back in the frame: Delort

The story is now being carried by multiple French sites, no doubt with a great deal of copying. The reports are short and have nothing new to say, but there is confirmation that our offer was €2m.

We could do with another striker, but it looks like it won't be Delort.


boitom said...

need another forward .i feel george is not good enough

Anonymous said...

Give George a break, 3 games do not a season make. A goal will do wonders for him, we need to support him. Even if we do sign someone it is unlikely they will go straight in the team.

Wyn Grant said...

I'm certainly prepared to give George time and there were some encouraging signs on Saturday. However, if he or Igor gets injured, then the options are limited.

Brian G said...

I like the pairing of Igor and GT but I do not see how we could maintain any sort of challenge for a good league position if we had to fall back on Church and/or Pigott if either or both of the pair were injured. It seems that the management are of the same mind and it's not just a case of supporters always wanting another striker. It's vital to a continued challenge over a long, hard season.