Thursday 21 August 2014

Rickshaw celebrates 10th anniversary

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Valley Express service, the first coach running from Ramsgate and Margate to take fans to the home Premier League match against Portsmouth (!). The full service was launched at a home game against Birmingham which we won 2-0.

The service enables Charlton fans dispersed across Kent and elsewhere to reach home games reliably and cheaply. At the peak of our Premier League success, it was a more extensive service, although not every new route that was started turned out to be viable. Who knows what will happen in the future.

The poor start of Fulham does not entirely surprise me. Being in the Championship and playing the likes of Millwall must be a real shock. I note that they have abandoned their strange experiment of a 'neutral' end, although after a Charlton game there I was chatting to someone who had come as a neutral.


boitom said...

good morning.lets hope we can get back to the prem.

Finkle said...

A Palace supporting colleague of mine always used to say that Charlton were handing out leaflets outside Gillingham's ground. Is there any element of truth to this?

Wyn Grant said...

Not to my knowledge, although there have certainly been complaints from Gillingham over the years about us invading their territory. Of course, many supporters have left the home boroughs and moved to places like Maidstone or retired to the Kent coast.