Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Bougherra out, Bouazza in?

Real Betis have come forward with a realistic offer for Majid Bougherra, increasing their initial bid of £1.5m to £2.5m. Given the hole in the club's finances, Charlton can't afford to say no, but he will be sorely missed at The Valley.

Charlton are trying to secure Algerian winger Hameur Bouazza on loan from Fulham. The former Hornet plays for his country of origin, having failed to break into the French team. However, this is by no means a done deal as Wigan and Sheffield United are also interested, as well as Espanyol.

If the move did go ahead, the intention would be to make it permanent if it worked out well.

Incidentally, if anyone is going to Bromley, this is where Sean Canham will be showcased.


Anonymous said...


I am happy to agree to disagree however I'd take the £2.5m any day. I think 'Magic' was a disaster from beginning to end.

I'm sure he thinks very highly of me too! ☺

just my opinion of course.

bristol addick said...

I can see where anon is coming from - Madjid was definitely a "curate's egg", great sometimes, a liability others. And £2.5m would be good, given the reported financials. So what's happening with Sam Sodje, or is it Hudson/Fortune next year?

Wyn Grant said...

Sodje is not coming back as far as I know

Anonymous said...

thank god bougherra is going, he has done sod all and was a wast of 2.5m

Anonymous said...

Interesting mixed opinions! My take is that Bougherra started badly, to the great surprise of a work colleague of mine who follows Sheffield Wed where he was very highly rated, but improved enormously once he settled. I'll be disappointed to see him go and if we get no more than we paid for him I'd be doublely disappointed. If we "have" to sell then fair enough I guess, but if this is voluntary then my concerns about Pardew's conviction and consistency of thought would increase a little bit further.