Sunday, 6 July 2008

Zheng Zhi injury blow

Wire services are reporting that Zheng Zhi has a herniated disk in his lower back. I don't exactly what it is, but it sounds unpleasant.

PRC Coach Ratomir Dujkovic is hoping and praying that ZZ will be back in top condition in time for the start of the tournament. 'We will not easily let Zheng Zhi sit (out the Olympics), he is China's best player at the moment, the Olympic team needs him, but we need a Zheng Zhi in top form,' Dujkovic said.

Quite what the implications are for Charlton remains unclear at this stage. However, the Chinese captain played some of the World Cup qualifiers while injured. The general view at the club is that he plays too much football.

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Anonymous said...

That's potentially a prolonged nasty injury, in laymen's terms, slipped disc which is trapped between the vertebrae it's supposed to be cushioning. Getting it back into place is no simple matter and doing anything very much until it's relocated should be a no-no, or you risk nerve damage.
Great news, he could be out or in & out of action for months!
SOSB (whats up with blogger - can't post as anyone other than anon?)