Friday, 18 July 2008

Non-league ace impresses

Team Bath striker Sean Canham has impressed during his stay at Charlton according to this report: Canham

I see a reserve team is going to play at Falmouth Town. This was the last ground I watched football at with my father - Falmouth run the Rothmans Western League title three years in succession. The pasties were superb.


Anonymous said...

I've got no problem with us taking a look at non-league players. They may lack in technical ability (I would presume) but when they get a chance in the league they give all their effort, and are also very cheap to sign, making them a gamble worth taking.

Anonymous said...

I saw this guy play at the bromley match. He was given about 75 mins to show what he could do.

He did not impress at all. Looked off the pace, made no space, constantly beaten in the air despite his height,made misplaced passes when he should have shot at goal We've got 7 stikers better than him. Belive me he is not good enough

Anonymous said...

can someone name the last non-league player who was any good? Paddy Powell I think. This is all a complete waste of time. We need to strengthen midfield and defence. If I was cynical I would say it is propaganda to give the impression of action as opposed to inaction which is the reality on the transfer in front.