Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Halford joins Blades

Greg Halford has joined Sheffield United on a year long loan. He would have preferred to remain at Charlton, closer to his family in Chelmsford, but the club could not afford his wages.

Despite his long throw ins, many Addicks were sceptical about his ability in the right back position.


Anonymous said...

I didn't rate him and think the limited money we have can be better spent elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

One good game, his debut, followed by a string of frankly inept and half-hearted appearances. Pardew's perseverance with him after Moutouakil's recovery was one of last season's most worrying aspects.
Beauzo (posted as anon cos blogger still won't play ball)

Second Division And Proud said...

long throw in doesn't make a player pardew ... good ridance!